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Introducing Littos Fencing

"Quality Take A Litto Time"

Welcome to Litto's Fencing . We provide commercial and residential Fencing. Our primary goal in all business decisions is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with all that we provide. We pride ourselves on providing exceptionl craftsmanship and quality cedar materials. 


About Littos Fencing

Chef Carlos Maestas spent 17 years in the restaurant industry before Covid closed both of the restuarants he worked at, turning his life upside down. He went from working on average, 60+ hours a week  making a decent income to support his family of 6; to having no income at all. 

In desperation, with no tools, no money and facing eviction, Litto's Fencing opened its doors in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. Carlos set out on a mission to change the course of his life and it all began with one decision. He took a leap and was sure to fall.

Thru dedication, hard work and by putting quality above everything, Carlos has turned a one man show into a thriving,  award-winning company of 7 full-time employees. Here at Litto's, we don't just build fences, we build up our communities. 

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Wendy Nueberger, CO

N. S , CO


Ash Schmitty, CO


Our Services

  • 45 min

We provide custom fence builds, restoration, repairs and staining services. We take pride in using the highest quality cedar materials. We can install chainlink, wrought iron, split rail, and composite fencing.

Here at littos, all of our fence work includes stain and is backed by a 4 year warranty

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Lakewood, Colorado


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